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Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Melissa A. Tocha works with buyers and sellers at all stages of real estate transactions, from the negotiation of contracts through closing. If you are selling or purchasing residential or commercial property, you may be working with a realtor. While your realtor will handle negotiations and facilitate necessary inspections of your property, it is our job to represent your interests at closing and to obtain or provide a good, clean, and marketable title.

As your legal representation for buying or selling real property, we review sales agreements and work with title companies to ensure the title to the property meets closing standards. Through the transaction, we draft and review the various documents necessary for closing, such as deeds, mortgages, affidavits, and agreements. We also attend closing so that from the moment you sign the sale contract to the moment the transaction is finalized, you have our office’s full support and dedication.

Title Insurance

The Law Office of Melissa A. Tocha provides Title Insurance. Owner’s Policies of Title Insurance are optional, but recommended. For allowed claims, a policy provides coverage for legal costs involved in resolving title problems or pays the claim outright. An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance protects your investment and interests as owner of the property. This is a one-time premium which will protect your interest and investment for as long as you own the property.

Title Insurance Rates may be viewed at http://www.ratecalculator.fnf.com

Foreclosures for Lending Institutions and Private Lenders

At The Law Office of Melissa A. Tocha, we handle both residential and commercial property foreclosures. Attorney Melissa A. Tocha is very hands-on, providing end-to-end service (foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, REO closing, and title) to her clients. Our experienced and skilled firm manages and communicates the status of each file every step of the way. Our goal is to exceed customary legal services by insisting on personal communication between our firm and our clients throughout the entire process.

Leases – Residential / Commercial

The Law Office of Melissa A. Tocha provides focused knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant matters to our Western New York neighbors.

Residential / Commercial Evictions

The Law Office of Melissa A. Tocha assists residential and commercial landlords, apartment complexes, and property managers with the eviction of tenants for reasons including the non-payment of rent, the expiration of a lease, the expiration of month-to-month tenancy, and tenant misconduct. We also assist in evicting prior owners or persons still in possession of a property after a foreclosure.


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